There is a lot to consider these days when replacing your windows. Materials are always changing and improving, you can choose between single, double, or triple panes. Additionally, there are more window styles available than ever before. That’s why for this article we wanted to make window shopping a little bit easier for you by comparing the most popular types of windows.

Before diving into the styles of windows that Winnipeg homeowners prefer, this is a good opportunity to learn about vinylwindows and why they’ll benefit your home.



Think of new windows as an investment; vinyl windows are the safest bet for your home. You’ll notice significant energy savings year-round, that also means your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard. Many homeowners are impressed by their strength and quality. In fact, it’s their durability that makes vinyl windows a good long-term solution, you’re getting more value from your investment. Learn more about vinyl windows and how they’ll benefit your home here.

Nisby is proud to offer windows by Humphrey Window & Door Systems. They’re based locally in Winnipeg and provide the best quality and performance we’ve seen.


Many people confuse bay with bow windows; they both extend from the house, but there are a few structural differences. A bay window is a set of three windows, consisting of a picture window, which is the center pane. The three windowsmeet to form corners. A bow window, however, has four windows and the structure is rounded, like an arch. Both are popular choices because they add more natural light, make the room feel larger, and give you a bigger, better view.



Double hung windows are the most common style we see here in the Winnipeg area. They’re designed to be functional, versatile, and save energy. Double hung windows from Nisby are built with vertical and horizontal operating sashes, which provides amazing airflow.

An additional benefit of double hung windows is the safety they provide. In homes with small children, you can choose to open the upper sash only, keeping the kids secure inside.


“Convenient” is a great word to describe slider windows. They offer an elegant and clean design with heavy-duty construction. Slider windows are built for openings that are wider than they are tall. They can open on both sides and can tilt out to make cleaning easier.


Casement windows are the opposite of slider windows, because they’re meant for spaces that are tall and narrow. They offer excellent ventilation, and are also known for being one of the most energy efficient options. This is because the seal on a casement window isn’t flexible, like it is on a sliding window.

Casement windows are also available in dual or triple pane, with low-e and argon gas.


Awning windows are almost like a combination of slider and casement windows. They are great for openings that are wider than taller (just like slider windows). However, they open like casement windows, with the hinge on the top of the frame. This design allows awning windows to open outward from the bottom. Awning windows are popular because you can keep them open while it’s raining, the angle of the glass prevents rain from getting in.



The popular window styles listed here only scratch the surface of the types available from Nisby. With benefits such as energy savings, improved curb appeal, reduced allergens, and less maintenance; upgrading your windows is an easy decision. Choosing which windows are right for your home is much trickier. We’re here to help though. Our experiencedteam is happy to help you find the perfect windows within your budget.