Whenever you plan on remodelling or renovating your home, you are taking the financial risk that you are going to get exactly what you’ve asked for. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Canada fail to ask their contractor a series of important questions. Hiring a contractor that you trust is paramount in establishing a level of comfort and satisfaction; however, it all comes down to the questions that you ask the contractor before the renovations begin. Here are a few essential questions to ask a contractor before you enlist them to renovate your home:

How Will You Communicate with Me Throughout the Process?

Communication in the renovation process is key; discussions about timelines, updates and expectations can truly be a difference maker. Both parties decide the level of communication between contractor and homeowner; many homeowners like to be updated regularly via text about any additions that have occurred, and other homeowners prefer a phone call once every week. Set the expectation between the both of you before the work starts.

Are They Insured?

The contractor you’re planning on hiring could have completed 300 or more projects in the past, but not even that is enough reassurance to guarantee that all the workers will be safe on the job site. Before you enlist the services of a contractor, ensure that you ask them about their insurance policy and if they have a protocol in place to protect not just themselves, but you as a homeowner. Renovations and remodelling often require the use of heavy machinery, sharp tools and usually take place in less-than-pleasant surroundings. If a contractor is injured on your property, you could be responsible for damages & reparations, if they are not covered. Be sure to get the details about their insurance before they begin working on your home.

What Should I Expect to Occur Each Day?

As a homeowner, you deserve to know what to expect each day, while the renovations are taking place. Understandably, while renovations are ongoing, your house may be in a bit of disarray, with contractors coming in and out of your home as the day goes on. You need to have a preconceived idea about the process before the work begins. Each family is different, and some have little kids that cannot tolerate loud noises associated with renovation work. Other families have individuals that work different hours of the day and need to sleep. Ask your contractor about what you should expect during the renovations; they may require your presence at some point each day, which is why figuring this out before the renovations begin is important.

Can You Provide Me with References?

Most prolific contractors will have no problems obliging to your request and will offer you a list of past worksites and clients. Should you need reassurance about the contractor in question, reaching out to a former client should give you insight into the contractor’s work ethic and production.