It’s rather convenient that spring is a time for new beginnings because we just spent the winter dreaming of the renovation projects we want to take on. Since the beautiful outdoor weather is almost here, let’s get right to it, and check out these great home renovations to do in the spring.


Spring cleaning may sound a little cliche, even seem like a bit of an annoyance when there’s bigger projects and renovations to get to… but we’re not talking about dusting the top of the cabinets. That can wait – especially if you’re renovation plans will create more dust.

This is about minimizing the mess and clutter that built up over the winter. It usually helps to declutter a space before you can make a true assessment of the reno’s that need to get done. You can’t install a closet system, for example, until clearing out the articles of your wardrobe you don’t wear anymore. If choosing items from your closet (or unwanted electronics and housewares) is hard to do, remember that you can donate most of these items. Knowing that someone needs them more than you makes the job a lot easier.


Painting and springtime go hand in hand. Paints these days, generally don’t have as strong an odor as they used to, but it’s still a convenient time to get the job done since you’ll be opening the windows anyway to enjoy the fresh spring air. A new coat of paint is the least expensive way to change the look and feel of a room. Consider rearranging the artwork after the paint dries to really change things up.

Spring is also the perfect time to freshen up the exterior paint/stain on your home or deck. Most products need to be applied when it’s not too cold, and not too hot. You’ll also feel better doing the work in April than in August. The only downside is keeping an eye on the forecast. You want to make sure the humidity is between 40%-60%, and it’s not too windy either.


We usually see a lot of rain in the spring and fall, so this is a job to get done as soon as possible. Your roof’s drainage system is responsible for protecting your home’s exterior and foundation. Start with a thorough inspection and repair or replace gutters and downspouts before that heavy rain hits. It may be a good idea to install leaf guards for your gutters as well.


While you’re checking out the gutters, take a peek at the roof. It may be best to hire a roofing company to properly (safely) inspect your roof. But you definitely don’t want to skip or cut corners here. It may not be time for a new roof, but you can spot and repair leaks in advance, and replace and soffits and fascia as needed.

Our swimming season here in Winnipeg is usually pretty short, so you’ll want to make sure the pool is ready and open as soon as the weather allows. This is a good time to inspect everything from the deck to the liner. If you’re thinking of making any renovations here, you’ll want to book the appropriate crew as early as possible.


The siding of your home just took a beating from another harsh Winnipeg winter, which is why Forbes magazine actually recommends it too; as one of the top renovations to do in the spring. This can be a pricey job, and not usually considered a D.I.Y. project, so be sure to get at least three quotes from local companies. There’s a wonderful variety of siding to choose from these days, some of our favourites include: the Eco-friendly KWP Engineered Wood Siding, Faux Stone is beautiful as well as cultured stone.