Modern technology has greatly improved the windows available on todays market. The decision to replace your current windows is a daunting one though. The number of options and features available to Winnipeg home owners, their costs, and the actual installation process involves a lot of decision making and planning.

Once you find a supplier and installer you love and trust (preferably the same company) you’ll be glad you made the change. This article about the benefits of installing new windows, will hopefully inspire you to take the leap.


A popular convenience of modern windows is the option to put blinds or shades inbetween the panes of glass. Staying protected from our environment, these blinds don’t collect dust; greatly reducing the number of allergens in your home. An added bonus to this feature, the between-the-glass shades are safer for children and pets since they are cordless.

Keeping the cold air out in the winter and the cold air from your AC in – in the summer is a tough job, but the right windows can help. Energy Star certified windows help extend the life of your air conditioner and furnace, by preventing them from overworking. New windows offer better insulation from improvements to the panes and frames.


New windows will dramatically enhance your homes beauty, inside and out. The colour and style options available today are impressive. You’ll love coming home to the improved exterior, you’ll also appreciate the value it’s added to your home. While you will see your utility bills decrease, it’s not likely you’ll recover the full expense of your windows in energy savings alone. However, the increased home value makes up for the difference; you’ll see 70-80% returned on your investment, from installing new windows.


Convenient features such as the having shades between the glass will greatly reduce the time spent cleaning. Some windows also offer tilt in sashes, which allow you to easily access the exterior glass, making cleaning the inside and outside of your windows almost effortless.


Studies have shown that noise pollution has damaging effects to our mental and physical health. Insulating frames and tripple glass panes are available to help cut out lawn mowers, barking dogs, and traffic. Argon is a gas that is denser than air, it’s infused between each glass pane. These are the same features that insulate your home from the weather outside. The sound reduction qualities are a nice bonus.

Consumers have a few options available for replacing their home windows. Big box stores carry windows you can install yourself. This is a very tricky job to do though, care is needed when removing the current windows, if too much damage is caused, the wall will need to be repaired before the window can be properly fitted. This is also a good time to inspect the area to see if you’ve had water damage or termites. Some stores offer installation but lack decent warranty options.

Nisby Home Renovations is proud to offer beautiful, durable windows, installed by the best professionals in Winnipeg. Their expertise and our warranty offers invaluable peace of mind.