Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic change or your current siding is no longer energy-efficient, investing in faux siding could be the home upgrade you deserve! For years, homeowners have gone with traditional siding materials like aluminum and vinyl, but did you know that faux stone siding boasts a few unique advantages.

At Nisby Home Renovations, we’ve installed faux stone siding on many homes. We’re committed to providing homeowners with unrivalled customer service and quality installation results. If you’re looking for new siding, here are a few reasons why you should consider faux stone.


Faux stone siding is designed for indoor and outdoor use! Faux stone can be installed on virtually any wall surface, from brick to concrete. Unlike real stone, faux stone is manufactured to be very lightweight, making it an appealing siding material for plenty of homeowners.

Compared to natural stone, faux stone gives homeowners variety and options. Homeowners can request unique colours that would not be accessible to them with natural stone. Furthermore, homeowners have customization options in terms of stone texture.


Authentic stone siding may look nice, but the price tag it carries makes it an unrealistic option for homeowners looking to upgrade their siding. Faux stone siding not only looks identical to the texture of real stone, but it’s available at a fraction of the cost.

One reason why homeowners decide to go with authentic stone for their siding is because they like the idea of it being maintenance-free. Well, do we have some news for you! Faux stone siding boasts the same durability and maintenance-free qualities as authentic stone. Furthermore, if your faux stone siding does require maintenance and repairs, the cost of maintenance is low!

The Look

There is a reason why stone siding is in high demand: the aesthetic. When it comes to home siding materials, nothing quite resembles the elegance of stone. When you install faux stone siding, you’re investing in your curb appeal. If you ever decide to sell your home in the future, faux stone siding will undoubtedly improve your investment return.

Furthermore, faux stone doesn’t stand out as faux. We mean by that, nobody will be able to tell, simply by looking at your siding, that your siding isn’t made from genuine stone. Modern technology has afforded home improvement specialists to really focus on faux siding visual elements, making it a perfect addition for homes of any shape and size.

If you’re considering upgrading your siding, remember to take a long look at faux stone siding. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about installing faux stone siding on your home, contact Nisby Home Renovations today!