With proper maintenance and a little luck, a brand-new front door will remain functional and effective for up to 30 years. Much like other home components, your doors won’t last forever, which is why purchasing new, high-quality doors is a worthwhile long-term investment.

At Nisby Home Renovations, we understand how important it is to boast a functional and appealing door. We’re proud to provide our customers with high-end products and installation services that will improve their homes and the resale value of their property. Here are three signs it’s time for a new door.

Noticeable Damage

Wear and tear on your doors are natural and expected. Throughout the years, it’s likely your door will sustain some knicks and dings as you enter and exit your home. Other issues, including paint peeling or rotting wood, can make for major eyesores. Furthermore, if your door is made from steel, it’s common to notice rusting or corrosion on its surface.

Noticeable, visual damage on your door could indicate that your door’s privacy and security features are compromised. It would be wise to consider a door upgrade as soon as possible to ensure your home is safe and secure.

It’s Tough To Open and Shut

If you’re finding it tough to open and shut your door without scraping the frame, it’s only going to get worse as time goes on. Doors are subject to expansion and contraction as they capture and release moisture. This process is magnified in the Winnipeg region as we experience hot summers and very cold winters.

This process can also impact your door’s aesthetic value and privacy/security qualities. Furthermore, in the case of an emergency, a door that gets stuck or jammed in the frame could pose a health risk. If your door is tough to open and shut, consider investing in a high-quality door today.

Costly Hydro Bills/Noticeable Draft

An ineffective door can drive up the cost of your hydro bill. As you attempt to heat or cool your home, you need a door that will keep that energy inside. Check your door during the day – if you spot daylight peeking through the frame or you can feel a draft anywhere around the door, it’s time for you to consider a door upgrade. Be sure to check out our wide variety of energy-efficient doors on our website.

When the time comes to install your new door, trust the professionals who’ve been doing it for more than 36 years. At Nisby Home Renovations, we strive to provide our customers with beautiful front doors that boast superior privacy/security features. Contact Nisby Home Renovations today for more information!