Most homeowners don’t stop to think about their roofs daily, that is until an intense thunderstorm causes a leak inside of their house. It’s at that time that homeowners start looking for roofing companies and contractors, but until someone can get to them and begin renovations, they’re stuck catching water in buckets and relocating their valuables away from the leaks. Home damage such as this can be avoided by reading and assessing the warning signs. Here are four signs that homeowners can use to determine if they need a new roof:

Begin by Inspecting Your Attic

You may think that to tell if you need a new roof, you’d have to first check the roof itself, but one of the most efficient ways of determining roof health is to check your attic. While inspecting your attic, if you notice there are beams of sunlight peering into your home, your roof may not be keeping external elements out. Also, be sure to check for any water stains or rotting as this may be a sign that your roof may be leaking.

Check Out Your Shingles

Always exercise extreme caution when climbing a ladder to get on top of your roof. While up on your roof, check to see if there is apparent damage to your shingles. After intensive rain or windstorms, you may notice that some of the shingles on your roof have cracked, warped or folded. In severe weather conditions, some of your shingles may have even flown off your roof. Your shingles should be lying flat on your roof, and if they are not, you may need to consider an investment in a new roof. While up on your roof, be sure to check the eavestrough for remnants of your shingles; if you notice that granules from your shingles have filled your eavestrough, this may indicate the health of your roof is in peril.

Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

As previously stated, homeowners don’t typically consider the age of their roof until it’s too late. If the last time you upgraded your roof was 20+ years ago, you might need to consider investing in a new roof very soon. Industry experts estimate the lifespan of most roofs is 20-25 years before signs of deterioration begin setting in. If you purchased a house without knowing how old the roof is, contact your local home renovations company and they will assess the condition of your roof and offer expert recommendations about which option you should pursue.

Growing Moss

The reason it is so essential to examine your shingles is to ensure they are lying flat to your roof so that it prevents moisture and water from becoming trapped. Trapped moisture can lead to the growth of moss, mould, and other forms of fungi. While you can use a brush with stiff bristles to eradicate the moss, keep a close eye out to ensure there are not more significant issues at play such as rotting or sagging.

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