In my opinion, storm doors are an underrated upgrade, a great addition to any home. Here in Winnipeg, we experience a wide range of climate changes, not just day to day, but morning to afternoon can be completely different. Many renovation specialists know that a storm door is an extra layer of protection, not just to keep the elements out, but possible intruders as well.

Since storm doors are so underrated, we’re focusing on their benefits in this article, so you can determine if your home needs ones. First, let’s take a look at what a storm door is because they’re often confused with screen doors.


A screen door is as simple as its name implies, it’s a door with a screen. The frames are usually made out of wood or metal and can either open outwards or slide open. Some models have locks but still aren’t very secure.

Storm doors are a glass door that’s installed in front of (on the outside) of your existing exterior door. They have secure locking mechanisms and only open outwards. Some storm doors come with a retractable panel and built-in screen, that you can open at your convenience.


  1. Better air circulation: The retractable panels allow your storm door to be a source of air circulation. Many homes (townhomes especially) are built with no windows near the front door. Or as you’ve probably seen in many older homes, the windows near the door don’t open. Having the screen on the storm door open improves air quality where it’s needed most.
  2. Protection against the elements: Its original purpose was to serve as a protective shield for your front entrance. A storm door is a durable barrier between your front door and any harsh weather that comes our way. When the air inside your home is warm, and the outside is exposed to Winnipeg winters with ice, hail, and cold winds, it puts your beautiful exterior door at risk.
  3. Increase the lifespan of your exterior door: As we just mentioned the warm air inside your home and the cold air outside can wreak havoc on a door. Hot rays from the sun can also warp the material or fade the colour of your front door. The protective glass from the storm door actually works to diffuse the intensity of the heat. So if you love your front door, you’ll want to extend its lifespan and protect your investment with a storm door.
  4. Keep the bugs out: We spoke about the added circulation storm doors provide, having that screen panel means you can continue enjoying it, without worrying about bugs or unwanted pests.
  5. Additional home security: Most storm doors come with a durable locking system, a welcomed security feature for any home and a huge benefit. Some styles come with a padlock and bolt or advanced vault locks. You can also find storm doors with strengthened screens and reinforced fiberglass. It’s not just an additional barrier between you and the weather, it’s extra security for you and your home.
  6. Improved energy efficiency: Most entry doors are a major source of air leakage in homes, storm doors insulate your home the way double-paned glass windows do. It’s an extra layer that traps air for coming or going. In fact, storm doors have proven to reduce energy loss up to 50%.
  7. More natural light: Solid doors must remain closed, and often block out the light. A storm door can allow you to open your exterior door and let the sunshine in.

As you can see, if you’re currently shopping for a new front door, adding a storm door to your purchase is a wise investment. This article can also help if you’re thinking about a new door.