Life moves quite quickly as a homeowner; one day you’re moving all of your belongings into your new house, and the next you’re looking for any conceivable way to add to your home because you’re tired of looking at the same walls and doors that you’ve owned for the last 20+ years. Whatever the reason, adding to your home is now easier than ever, and the options available to homeowners are cost-effective and gratifying. Whether you’re looking to bolster your home’s resale value or looking to improve your living space, here are three common ways to add to your home:


Roof Upgrades


Adding a new roof to your home is a tremendous way to improve curb appeal, save money on hydro bills, and enhance your living conditions. Unfortunately, many homeowners only realize they need a new roof when they experience leaks caused by intensive rain. Adding a new roof will help your home stand out amongst other houses on your street. Homeowners have a choice when it comes to the colour of their home’s shingles, and many decide to go with a different shade from what was previously installed. A damaged roof can increase your hydro bill as energy escapes through the cracks, so implementing a new roof will save you money in the long run.


New Front Door


Your front door is the gateway into your living space. If you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal instantly, a new front door is your ideal home improvement option. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available if you’re looking to add a new door, whether you’re prioritizing privacy or elegance, there are colour schemes and designs that are suited to fit your needs. The best thing about a new door is that they require virtually no maintenance, and they conserve energy from escaping your home. Over time, your doors will experience fading, scratches & dents, and has the potential to warp due to environmental circumstances. Adding a new door to your home will be a subtle, yet impressive, home addition that will have your neighbours talking.


 Stone Products


The goal of every homeowner is to own a place that is visually appealing and unique. Thankfully, homeowners in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the surrounding area now have the option to add stone products to their home. The stone exterior is an enduring look that has been used to convey an austere and picturesque appearance, like the castles of kings and queens from the Renaissance era. Stone acts a marvellous accent to your home’s existing style, and works as a tremendous insulator, keeping your home’s internal temperature steady and comfortable. Stone is also an environmentally conscientious home addition option.


There are many ways to add to your home, including installing new windows, doors, siding and a new roof. For more information about what you can add to your home, contact Nisby Home Renovations for more details!